Hi, I’m Sara. I started One Million School Supplies because, as we enter this 2020-2021 school year, my teacher friends are having a hard time. I’m a mom to a 4th grader at a public charter school. I have watched, jaw on the ground, while teachers switched their entire classrooms from in-person to virtual in the spring at a moment’s notice. I’ve seen what teachers have been doing all summer to prep for this crazy year with such limited information, ready to pivot on a dime. And now, I’m watching my son’s teachers and my other friends as they go back to school, with all of the challenges and joys that brings.

As I’ve watched all of this, I’ve been moved…because the truth is, I could NEVER be a teacher. I’m a marketer. I build businesses. (I actually consider myself to be the worst teacher ever…don’t ever ask me to explain, like, anything.) But because I build businesses, that means that I can do something. And the truth is, you can do something, too. We can all do something.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when all of the parents suddenly had our kids home all day and we had to attempt to keep up with their classroom teachers, we all laughed and said “OMG pay them $1 million!” But as school has ramped up for the fall, and each region, district, and even school has chosen different options for re-opening, it is the teachers who are catching the brunt of the displeasure from their communities. They are being blamed for whatever choices are (almost inevitably) being put upon them, whether they agree with those decisions or not.

Y’all…teachers are SUPERHEROES. Which of us wouldn’t complain when our entire job description — and not just our job description, but, for many of them, the thing they’ve dreamed of doing their entire lives — was just totally uprooted and changed end-over-end overnight? And which of us, KNOWING THAT OUR LIVES COULD BE AT RISK, would still go to our jobs…just because we can’t imagine leaving the kids behind to whatever other situations they’d face if we didn’t show up?

This is why we do what we do. They still deserve $1 million. Let’s get it to them. Pitch in today by visiting our group, facebook.com/groups/1millionschoolsupplies and participating there, sharing our page, and inviting your friends. #1millionschoolsupplies