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I am a Teacher: How do I get DOnations?

Step 1: Join our One Million School Supplies Group.

Step 2: Create your wishlist and submit it to the group here. We work mostly with Amazon Wishlists, but will also accept Donors Choose and other links to sites where donors can make a direct donation to school supplies for your classroom. (Amazon is the simplest and has proven most effective!) Please make sure you have a delivery address picked out for your wishlist prior to posting — the address will be kept private.

Step 3: When you submit your wishlist, a post will appear in the Facebook Group. Tag yourself on that post! It is where any questions regarding the list will be posted, and adding your photo makes the ask more personal to donors.

Step 4: As you receive donations for your classroom, please post back to the Facebook Group so we can track the approximate value of the donations received.

I am a DONOR: How do I GIVE DOnations?

Step 1: Join our One Million School Supplies Group.

Step 2: Scroll through the Facebook Group to find a post that’s interesting to you for donation. Or, alternately, you can click here to find all of the teacher wishlists that have been submitted so far in a sortable table.

Step 3: Click, shop, buy. Anything you can give to these educators is so very appreciated. Be sure to use the delivery address provided for the wishlist. If an address is not provided, please alert a group admin.

Step 4: Keep an eye out for the happy posts as teachers receive their supplies!!

ALTERNATE METHOD – Direct Donation

Step 1: If you are interested in making a Direct Donation to One Million School Supplies to be routed directly to the most urgent/highest priority wishlists, you may also make a donation to the organization’s Fundly here.

Thank you for your participation!